Dalian Union Marketing Co. Ltd.
Dalian Union Minmetals is a union I./E. company consisted of four private manufacturers. We are specialized in Minerals and Metals(MINMETALS),REFRACTORY MATERIALS(Kiln installation and repairing), SPARE PARTS FOR GUNNING EQUIPMENTS, METALIC ANCHORS...

Our manufacturers lie in the origin of raw materials. So the cost of transportation is much lower and the high quaility raw materails can be used in our products. For example, the manufacturers of FIRE BRICKS,HIGH ALUMINA BRICKS and CALCINED BAUXITE lie in Yangquan, SanXi province where is rich in RAW BAUXITE;The manufacturers of CALCINED FLINT CLAY lie in Zibo,ShanDong province where is rich in CHAMOTTE;The manufaturers of MAGNESIA PRODUCTS lie in Haicheng, LiaoNing province where the storage of MAGNESITE is the top one in the world.

Our refractory engineers will choose the most proper materials with
a resonable price as long as you supply us the application parts and the using conditons.

Our prices are competitive and the products are well known by the
coustomers in south-east Asia and also exported to Japan and America.

Our staff with rich foreign trade experience are able to provide you
satisfactory and rapid service.

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.



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